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Why We Charge Extra to Untangle Your Hair

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"-Sir Walter Scott

Is your hair hard to untangle? If your hair is below your shoulders, chances are it tangles. If your hair if fine, colored or highlighted and past your shoulders, I can almost guarantee it is a tangled mess when it's wet. If your hair is fine, colored or highlighted and is bra or waist length, I believe it can take an extra 10-30 minutes to comb/brush out.........come on, you know it's true! Don't pretend like you don't have to psych yourself up for a few hours before you have to brush it!

Unfortunately, we have to charge a little more if you come in with hair that hasn't been brushed in a few days. The other day I had the sweetest woman come in and her hair was basically dread locks in her entire nape because it was too hard to untangle, so she quit trying to untangle it for weeks before she came in for a haircut. I typically book 45 minutes to 1 hour for a haircut. In this case, it took me an hour and a half because I spent 15 minutes brushing out the dread locks/rat's nest underneath before I shampooed it and then another 15 minutes trying to keep it untangled as I brushed and combed through the new tangles that formed during the shampoo and conditioning.

I love doing hair! I love helping people! I am not a sadist, however and do not enjoy inflicting pain on someone just to get their tangles out. I also don't do children's hair because many parents saw it as an opportunity for someone else to fight with their child over the traumatic experience of ripping out tangles.

We're adults. Let's brush our teeth before we go to the dentist, fill up our gas tank before we go on a 400 mile road trip, wash our fancy parts before going to the gynecologist and let's brush the tangles out of our hair before we go to the salon. All of your service providers will thank you for it!



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