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Strike a Pose-Vogue. Vogue. Vogue.

If you are singing and vogueing right now, then you know what the title of this post means. If you are not singing and you are slightly irritated because you're unaware of the dance floor craze of 1990 made famous by the one and only-Madonna then you're missing out!

To vogue(Madonna style) means to frame one's face with your hands. Showcase your moneymaker! Unless your moneymaker is your hands(like mine), then I guess you frame your hands with your face. To vogue(90s term) also means to pretend you're on a catwalk, being a bad-ass emaciated model and striking a pose. I feel like many of the poses that models of my time were hunger strike poses. They must have been hungry. Sooooooo hungry. I was and that's why I ate Funyons and drank Zima. Stay classy, Bridgette.

Anyway, if you want to switch up your hair, consider adding a face frame. Depending on the density, thickness and texture of your hair, there are a few options. You can have short bangs, medium bangs, no bangs or long bangs. Face frames are flattering on every face shape. Have a round face? Don't start your face frame right at your cheeks. Have a square face? Don't start your frame at your jaw. Have an oval face? Then lucky you, you can do whatever you want and your parents must be so proud.

Face frames are great if you want some hair around your face when your hair is in a ponytail(see my rant on why ponytails are damaging). Buuuuut-ponytails are really cute, especially when you have a bunch of sexy wisps around your face.

So, consider a face frame if you want to switch up your look! Also, consider watching the infamous Vogue video here:



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