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"THE" Talk

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

As one can a hair salon........there are many questions asked every day.

Here is one I have heard 278,119,319 times and I'll continue answering it until I die, because it is so common and inquiring minds want to know!

Remember.......there are no dumb questions. Are there?

Q: "My hair barely grows, is there something I can take to make it grow faster?"


A: "No. No. No. 1,000 times no."

I promise. I am a professional. There are no shampoos, vitamins, oils, yoga poses, frozen placentas, deep conditioners, phases of the moons or different ways of cutting that will make your hair grow faster. I don't know what to say when clients excitedly tell me that they found a collagen/biotin/eye of goat supplement that made their hair grow a half inch in three days. I don't want to tell them it's impossible and the $90 they just spent was a waste of money.

I wish there was a magic potion to speed up the growing process! Over the years, I've found hair that rarely sees a blow dryer or flat iron, isn't highlighted into oblivion, is trimmed regularly and is not brushed/torn through with the violence and fervor of a platoon full of young men attacking the enemy in battle tends to be the healthiest. It does not GROW faster, it just does not BREAK OFF faster than it grows because it is treated gently and thoughtfully.

If you go to the same stylist regularly, you should be able to have the conversation regarding trims. Tell your stylist exactly how much you want off. With your fingers. Don't say "do what you did last time" because many times, we can't remember. Did we take off 4" last time, or 1"? There's a huge difference. Many of us have left a salon with hair shorter than what we had envisioned. Myself included. If your hair has grown 1.5" in 4 months, ask the stylist to remove 1/2" so you are still 1" ahead of what you were 4 months ago. I've seen it work!

I'm sorry if I ruined your dreams of growing your Ruby Rose pixie into Rapunzel length hair by your wedding in 1 year. Hair grows on the average of 1/4"-3/4" every month and very, very VERY rarely have I witnessed hair grow 1" in 30 days. So, in 12 months, expect 4"-6" of growth.

_______________________________________________________________is 4 inches.

Just be patient with your hair, it's only hair, it does not define you. You are still strong, beautiful, intelligent, brave and kind if your hair is 1" or 3' long. I promise.



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