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Taking Care of Yourself

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

"Self care!!!" we hear all of the bloggers, friends, memes and inspirational photos scream at us regularly on social media. What does self care really look like?

For some, it's waking up at 5 every day to go for a run(not me). For others, it's going on an awesome vacation to hike the Mount Chimichanga Machu Peru Vesuvius Effluvium every 6 months(also not me). Some people get regular massages, or go to yoga, or smoke peyote to keep maintaining their life balance(again, not me). For some of us, it's brushing our hair, or even showering(me, mmhmm).

If you've found yourself without a purpose, in a funk, a weird spot, out of sorts, lost, grieving, depressed, going through a divorce, lonely, or just going through life's clusterfkkk of ups and downs, sometimes it's hard get out of bed, make eye contact, bathe, or change your clothes. This is when you really need to take care of yourself. Drink some water, take some vitamins, go outside and see if the sun really even rises anymore, eat some fruit, get a haircut, text a friend, take a shower, do some stretches, read something inspirational(like this rambling blog post). Call a friend, and say "BRING ME ICE CREAM, HUG ME, MAKE ME TAKE A SHOWER AND THEN GO AWAY BUT IF YOU WANT TO HUG ME AFTER I SHOWER I UNDERSTAND BUT ALSO WILL YOU WASH MY SHEETS AND PUT THE BED BACK TOGETHER I'VE BEEN LYING IN MY OWN FILTH SINCE MILEY CYRUS STARRED IN HANNAH MONTANA." or call your sister and say "I really feel like I barely have the energy to walk, will you make me lunch/get a massage/ get a haircut/apply for a library card/walk me around the block/drive on the freeway and let me hang out of the window like a dog because I just don't feel alive anymore."

I say all of these things because I was recently in a lengthy grey hole of emptiness. I still made it to work, I still got my children to school and I still made meals for my family. That was the extent of my existence. I didn't shave my legs, I wore the same clothes for a few weeks, I didn't want to brush my hair and I just had zero energy. The other day, I brushed my hair and gave myself some highlights. It really helped me feel better about myself. I don't know if I look better, but taking care of me-for me, gave me some hope.

Am I trying to encourage you to do something to your hair? Yes. Does it have to be done by me, or at my salon? No. I'm just saying that it feels great. I'm also saying that I do a fabulous job and I like helping people who are having troubles. Am I a therapist? No. Do some clients think I am? Yes.

Remember, you're worth caring for. Many people care about you and will help you, if you ask them. JUST ASK FOR HELP FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND SINFUL. You'll thank yourself.



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