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Should I Wash My Hair Before My Service?

"I heard it's better if my hair is dirty when I come in to get my hair done." Um, no.

If you didn't shampoo your hair the day of your appointment, don't worry. If you didn't shampoo the day before your appointment, it's ok. If it's been more than 36 hours, please shampoo it! It's kind of awkward, brushing through 4 days worth of product buildup, hormones, sweat, oils and whatever else goes on on top of your head.

Reasons we enjoy hair that isn't dddiiirrrrrty or downright disgusting:

-It makes it better for you if we see what we're working with. It's hard to see what color your hair actually is if it's covered in dry shampoo and oils. It will look darker, which can affect our formula if we think we're starting off with a darker base than we are.

-If hair is too dirty and greasy, it can make hair very difficult to work on, especially when receiving any color requiring foils. The foils won't grip as well, they will slip and can cause uneven coloring and even spotting. This adds time to your service which can go into my next clients' appointment, and sometimes, it will cost more.

-It is not better if your hair is dirty. It really isn't. Your extra layers of oils, products and sweat will not protect your hair or somehow make it better. We are using bleach, peroxide, ammonia and a plethora of other chemicals and your oils do not protect your hair when using these.

-It takes longer to shampoo, which can eat into other appointments. I always shampoo my clients twice. It gets your scalp and hair clean and it feels great! When hair is extremely dirty, it can take 4 or 5 shampoos to get it clean. That's not what I want to be doing with my day, I promise.

-It's disgusting. Scalps trap dirt and odors. Would you go to the dentist without brushing your teeth for 3 days? Probably not. Would you visit your OB/GYN without showering for a few days? I hope not.

-We want you to enjoy your experience! Help us help you! We love to take care of you and make you feel great. If you're letting your hair get greasy, matted and disgusting, chances are you may be in a rut or going through a slight depression. Let us know what is going on, because we really are here for YOU.

-Now get out of your fithy yoga pants and go take a shower and wash everything on your body and head and

My hands after shampooing dirty hair.

enjoy the rest of your day!



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