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Should I Change My Hair Color?

Almost anyone can go darker, blonder or red, the key is in finding the right shade to complement your skin tone. Also, remember, you can do whatever you want-it's your hair! Don't restrict yourself because of societal norms or what you think other people like. Here are a few rules of thumb(look up the origin of the term 'rule of thumb' -it's disturbing) to follow:

*If you were blonde or red as a kid, you'd likely look good in that color as an adult. If you wore footy pajamas as a kid, you'd actually look adorable in those as an adult.

*If your eyes are brown, hazel or dark brown, chances are you'll look good in brunette shades, coppery or bronze colors or red. If your eyes are brown, hazel or dark brown, chances are people have gotten overly excited when the song Brown Eyed Girl plays at a wedding and they expect you to dance with them. You might be able to rock some blonde highlights, as long as they are on the golden side. Platinum and ash blondes usually really aren't flattering for you(Sorry! The truth is important!) 76% of the population has brown, hazel, amber or dark brown eyes.

*If your eyes are green, you can pull off most colors, as long as they're a warm tone. Golden brunette, chestnut, golden blonde, fiery red are all great colors. If you're fortunate to have soft, porcelain skin, you can also pull off platinum blonde and sometimes ash blonde. If you have reddish undertones, red hair can be too harsh sometimes. People with green eyes make up only 2% of the population. I (Bridgette) have green eyes and I feel quite fortunate! Except I have very red skin as well as rosacea, so my hair color choices are limited. Also, people with green eyes have a very, very high risk of skin cancer.

*If your eyes are blue, you can pull off most colors as long as they're cool tones. Think-platinum blonde, chocolate brunette, mahogany, red violets and black. People with blue eyes make up 17% of the population. Blue eyes are actually a mutation! You are one lucky ocean eyed mutant!

*If you have a third eye, stank eye, pink eye, queer eye or smoky eye, you're awesome! (Well, except the pink eye-you need to go to the doctor)



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