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Salons Don't Have To Induce Anxiety

"Before I was actively trying to recover from panic attacks and anxiety, I absolutely dreaded going to the hairdresser. I never enjoyed making the requisite small talk with the hairdresser.

Hair stylists can be really chatty, and I used to not like the personal questions. Then if I got a stylist who wasn’t as talkative, I’d wonder if something was wrong." - Trish, 58

"Haircuts are super tough for me as well. Generally I am on edge for weeks afterwards. I’m getting one for the first time in a couple months next week and I am already starting to get nervous." -Lisa, 27

"I have a hair appointment today and I’m dreading it. Hair salons always make me really nervous and anxious. Ugh! I get sick just thinking about it." - Taylor, 31

"When my agoraphobia and social anxiety were at their worst, I even cut my hair at home a few times. It looked horrible, but I couldn’t make myself go into a beauty salon. Picturing the bright lights, the chatty girls, and being trapped in the chair for an hour or more (for a color and cut) were too much for me. I didn’t know what the heck to do about haircut anxiety at this time." - Yvonne, 41

Sound familiar? Salons don't have to induce anxiety. The thought of going to a large salon, with wide open spaces, many stylists and clients, talking, moving, talking, laughing, moving, blow dryers coming from all directions, questions, unflattering capes, staring into the depths of your soul in the mirror, wondering why your stylist can't stop talking about their dog makes me nervous too.

I started Salon Phoenix with one thing in mind, and that was to provide professional, fun, easy services in a small, cozy area and try to keep the place relatively quiet and relaxing. I've been doing it for 10 years, now, so I'd say I succeeded.

We don't have stylists in 6" heels smacking gum, talking to their coworkers above your head while music blares in the background(there's nothing wrong with these salons, they just aren't our speed). We also don't have boring, slow moving stylists performing services at sloth speed. We're efficient, courteous and enjoy quieter settings as much as you do. We have three stations in the salon. That means we won't have more than three stylists and three clients at the same time. Usually there are only two stylists at the same time.

If you're an extreme introvert, and sweat when you think about a stranger touching your head and talking to you, that's ok! It can be very hard to read people sometimes, so if you don't want small talk, or boring conversations, we get it. If you feel more comfortable saying "I'm pretty introverted and awkward silence really isn't awkward for me" we understand, do it! We may say a few things to make sure you're comfortable, or ask you a few questions, so we know just a little more about you. We follow your lead.

If you're a mild introvert, we understand things can be weird until you get a feel for things and see that we are quiet and harmless. New places are weird, and we get that. We won't make you talk to us, or look at pictures of our vacations or weddings. We're all humans trying to get our hair done.

Extroverts-we welcome you too! We have plenty of extroverts who love to come in for peace and quiet. We can carry a conversation with anyone about anything. We want you to feel comfortable too! Do your thing!

Basically, this lengthy post is to let all of my anxious potential clients out there that it's ok. It's simple, easy and fun. Once you walk in the front door, you'll see. I promise.



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