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Never Wear White After Labor Day

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

"Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel, only that would mean more laundry for me."-Every woman who does all of the laundry in her household

You should never wear white after labor day, never bring a knife to a gun fight and never, ever, ever, EVER wear a nice shirt to the salon. You should also never wear a collared shirt, a turtleneck or a hoodie to the salon. Or a light colored shirt or pants. Wear a black plastic bag to the salon.

I love it when clients want to dress up to come to the salon! I do! I want you to leave feeling sexy and confident. I don't want you to leave sad because we got a little smudge of the Rocket Red Shazam color on your vintage silk wool satin turtleneck in the blinding color Frozen Tundra White.

Wear an old tshirt that you feel comfortable in, but not one that you got from a Pearl Jam concert in 1993 purchased by your then kind-of girlfriend when you were in your discovering your sexuality grunge phase and now you're a happily married woman with three kids from the man you met that night after he accidentally elbowed you in the eye during a mosh pit/crowd surfing situation. Wear something that it's ok if the neckline gets a little color on. We do use a towel beneath a cape with a double snap closure and sometimes a towel around the neck on top of that, but I've also seen color seep even through that.

Accidents. Happen. Would you give a 3 year old a bowl of red food coloring and trust that he/she would not spill any of it on your white lycra pants, as you sit on your white chenille throw that lays upon your white chintz sofa from Ikea? I would.

In 13 years of being a hairstylist, I can honestly say I've stained less than 20 items of clothing. Considering I've probably performed 10,000 services, that's pretty good. However, it's 20 more than I'd like to have stained. Help me help you.

Wear clothes you would clean in. Wear clothes you'd never let your mother in law see you in. Wear clothes that could use a little excitement and flair, like an Old Glory faded pocket tee with arms that are too short and you hate to wear it because it shows your mushy triceps and bat wings. Just wear something comfortable. Besides, we're all naked under our clothes. Some of us just a little more so. Have a great day!



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