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Let's Get Real

No matter how fantastic your hair looks, it cannot give the illusion of a 30-pound weight loss. I know, your high school reunion is coming up and those size 5 jeans from 20 years ago don't fit anymore. Please remember, your stylist can give you a really flattering cut and gorgeous color that people will admire, but we can't do a tummy tuck and a boob lift. We absolutely would, if we could!

If you want a drastic color change, please realize it may take all day and will not be cheap if done in one go.  I didn't understand how hair color worked until I went to cosmetology school. Remember, going darker is easier than going lighter. I'd love to take you from a drab brunette to "Frozen" blonde in an hour, but that's never the case. We can still do pretty incredible, magical things in a short amount of time, though.

When you bring in an inspirational picture, the style in the picture is colored, cut, and curled to the model's head. We can give you our version of it. We like YOUR head and want to make the best of it! Most likely it will not look exactly like the picture, because that is on a completely different person who may have hair extensions, a wig, a hairpiece, or just the camera shot at a different angle to make it appear more flattering. This is why consultations are great! We can talk about realistic expectations and all of the positive things about your hair that you may be unaware of.

I can only do what your hair will allow me to do.  If you're a wash and wear kind of girl(like most of us), chances are, your hair won't fall into place like that angled, stick straight bob you've been dying for. You can have the most precise haircut in the world, but if you don't style it, it won't look like it does in the photograph your brought in. We love to educate you on how to style your hair and recommend products and tools that'll make styling your hair at home far easier and quicker for you. It's really not as hard or as time consuming as you may think. Also, you deserve to look good and feel great about yourself.

I wish clients knew that we can’t take you from level 1 box black to platinum or silver in one visit!

“… they do it on Pinterest and Instagram all the time.” ............yes, they do...but they don't show the 2-7 sessions and $2500 it takes to make it happen. Also, the colors on Pinterest and Instagram have Photoshop treatment most of the time, that's why they get 92,087 likes. But dammit aren't they beautiful!?!?!

The curly picture you brought in was [more than likely] done with a wand, not a perm...Read my Low Perm Count blog.

If you show me a photo of yourself 20 years ago and say I want my hair like this again … chances are you just want to look like you did back then..... Your hair isn’t the same, but hopefully, neither is your life. You're better than you were 20 years ago!



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