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I need something with my hair that makes me look younger. What are my options?

"Botox or bangs".... I'm sure you've heard the saying. While I don't entire agree with that theory(don't get me wrong, I plan on getting toxic chemicals shot into my forehead sometime later this year, but I'm going to try bangs first, oh and don't tell my husband, he likes women to be natural. Oh, husband.). Bangs and face framing layers hide wrinkles on the forehead and around the face, making you appear more youthful.

If you're like me, after years of migraines, vision issues and-------children, you have earned your RBF(resting b**ch face) and your smile lines! I don't thing we should think of aging as a bad thing, because it's not! I do, however think it's important that we feel good about ourselves and attractive, every day. Or almost every day.

Long side-swept fringe(bangs) is the most versatile. Combine them with a haircut that just hits the collarbone, with long layers and you'll look younger and feel a little more sassy than you hopefully already are! You'll be able to pull it into a ponytail—and wearing different styles makes you look younger. Tuck it behind the ear. Pull half of it up and leave the rest down. Wear an interesting bandana or headband. Wear some big hoop earrings! Curl it. Make it big Texas hair. So many possibilities!

If your skin has gotten pale or sallow with age, try warming things up with golden highlights and a rich base color—just don't stray too far. The most flattering base shades re-create the color and depth that you had a few years ago. Sometimes platinum, ashy or beyond blonde highlights and base colors can actually add years to your appearance, as they can mimic grey hair and wash you out even more.

Think about Diane Keaton, Sofia Loren, Jane Fonda, Meg Ryan, Kirstie Alley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon.



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