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How Much Will It Cost?

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Have you ever been to a salon and read the pricing menu, but still aren't sure exactly what you need, what you want, or how much it will be? That's a common issue. Before I started doing hair, I lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico and made $4.25/hr(this was legal....this was minimum wage in 1993).

I was 18 and needed a haircut badly and went to some place in the mall. I read the pricing menu. I thought the haircut would be about $30. After I left, some $60 later, I was baffled and broke. $60 in 1992 is the equivalent of $109.31 today(I know this because I just checked). I had to work 15 hours to pay for that haircut. FIFTEEN HOURS. I didn't understand what happened.

Many places will charge only $35 for a haircut. And then it's $8 for the deep conditioning done at the bowl, then add another $12-20 if you want a "style". There is nothing wrong with adding on costs to a service, there is a reason why it's done that way. Just be informed. Ask questions. Everyone has a budget in this world and if you only have $30 for a haircut, ask questions and get answers. Don't be an 18 year old me in 1993 and get a $109 haircut and cry in the parking lot of the mall in the 115 degree heat in Las Cruces because now you won't be able to pay your electric bill for the month because you were too afraid to ask questions.

Our haircuts include everything in it, so you don't have to wonder. Many salons operate this way, some don't. Same with color, are you looking for highlights? They start at $120 and may require a toner. However, if you have tons of waist length hair that is nearly black and you want some really awesome caramel highlights, but you previously colored it red after you colored it black and then blonde and then back to red, well, you really need a quote, so you won't be blindsided.

Also, if you are asking questions about pricing, length of service, etc and the salon receptionist, manager or stylist is making you feel bad or unsure, go somewhere else! It's your hair, your time, your money. We'd love for you to come to Salon Phoenix! We won't make you feel uncomfortable. I promise.



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