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Hey! You! With curly hair!! Don't touch that!

Does your hair seem to get more frizzy throughout the day? Quit touching it! If you want smooth, frizz free hair that behaves, there are several important steps you need to follow.

1. Comb or brush your hair, when it’s dry, BEFORE you wash it. This way you remove tangles, dirt and product.

2. Use shampoo specifically designed for curly hair. You know curly hair is different, so why are you using your husband’s shampoo for balding dudes, or your kid’s no more tears shampoo?

3. Use conditioner. Thoroughly distribute conditioner throughout your hair. Run a WIDE TOOTH comb through all of your hair. Let the conditioner sit for no less than 3 minutes. Use that time to shave your legs, hide from your children or stare off into space wondering what you’re going to do with your life. This is the last time you’ll comb your hair. Hair is super fragile when it’s wet. Especially fine, curly hair. And, don’t yank at it! Be gentle!

4. Turn your head upside down and rake your fingers through your hair and watch your curls take their natural shape. Run your fingers through your scalp to add a little lift.

5. Don’t rub your hair with a towel. Your hair is not a dog that you just bathed. People seem to violently shake and rub their hair with a towel. Gently squeeze the water from your hair with your hands. Try a microfiber towel, or an old tshirt and pat the water out. Trust me.

6. Apply a curl cream. Curl cream is different than gel, or mousse, as it moisturizes, smoothes and defines. Don’t apply curl creams to your scalp, if you have a problem with hair feeling weighed down, or if you have a problem with an oily scalp, or even breakouts around your face. Apply the cream when hair is very wet, for best results.

7. Use a diffuser! Ever wonder what that weird attachment that came with your blow dryer is for? It’s for you! I like to keep the heat on high and the power on low when I diffuse my hair. Rest your curls lightly onto the diffuser. Don’t shove, cram or push your hair with the diffuser, that will increase frizz. Diffuse hair up to 80% dry and air dry the rest.

8. DON’T TOUCH IT. I see women with curly hair touching their hair, moving it, putting it in a pony tail or a bun. I see women scrunching their dry curls or running their fingers through them. I see women twisting their curls, or pulling on them to examine their split ends. Do. None. Of. These. Things. I know it’s a challenge not to touch your hair, but believe us, the less you touch your hair, the smoother it will remain.

9. Enjoy your curls! Most of my straight haired clients want curly hair. I know they don’t know the challenges you face, but curls are beautiful and you need to accept, embrace and enjoy them! Have a great day!



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