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Help! I'm going bald! (I think)

Have you noticed your hair receding in your temples? Does it seem like you are losing more hair than usual? Is the girth of your pony tail getting smaller and smaller? Chances are you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, especially if you are over 45.

Let's face it, there is no miracle drug, product or cure for most types of hair loss as we age. I've been doing hair for 13 years and no amount of coconut oil, Wen, essential oils, biotin, collagen, scalp treatments, shampoo, products or supplements will make your hair grow faster, or come back fuller. If you rub coconut oil on your breasts, are you going to increase a cup size? If you take collagen, are your breasts going to lift up an inch or two? If you wash your breasts with some kind of special body wash and then spray them with some products, are they going to not fall into your armpit when you lie down on your back? If you answered no to those questions, the same goes for hair.

I have found that for women(and men) that sometimes Nioxin will help. Nioxin contains a chemical that appears to stimulate the follicles. It also can help the eyebrows and eyelashes come in thicker as well. However, it's been known to increase facial hair and cause anxiety in some women. I don't know about you, but thinking about an increase in my chin hairs causes me anxiety and I don't even take Nioxin.

There are plenty of haircuts to make hair appear more full. There are products you can use to hide thinning areas. There is hair color that can add more depth and dimension, making the hair appear less sparse. Make an appointment today to discuss options for you! All hope is not lost! I promise!



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