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Flat Irons Are Evil

I love flat irons. I know, I know, I know. They make your hair shiny and smooth. They reduce frizz. They make you feel more aerodynamic. The problem with flat irons is they are SO hot. You are squeezing with all of your might tiny little hairs between two ceramic plates that are betweeen 325-450 degrees.

Women become addicted to flat irons so quickly. We begin using them to smooth and style our hair. They do such a great job that we want more! Soon, it becomes a daily thing. When we don't flat iron, our hair looks frizzier and frizzier, because we have damaged our hair so much by flat ironing. Over use of flat irons can cause hair loss, breakage, severe damage and locks that just lose their life.

I suggest to anyone out there-use the flat iron sparingly. If you must use it, buy a really good quality ceramic or titanium flat iron. NEVER use it on wet, or even slightly damp hair. Use a heat protectant.



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