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Consultations Are Important

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."-Abraham Lincoln

I don't know if Abraham Lincoln said that, but I like to think he did. Consultations are important for several reasons:

1) What You Want---- If you know what you want, you need enough time to show photos, talk about what it is you're going for....a color, a feeling, a change, a dramatic cut, or you're just nervous about any change at all. If you know what you don't want, you need time to establish that too.

2) Cost---- If you're on a $100 budget, but the color you want runs $180, you need a stylist who can talk to you about it. Chances are, you can still have an epic service and result on a limited budget.

3) Relationship----If you establish a healthy relationship with your stylist, they will tell you what they think you need and what will work well for you. Your stylist likes to know all about you-your style, job, family life, likes, dislikes. This way if you want a drastic cut, but your stylist knows that it really isn't you, they can talk to you about why you want a change. Maybe there are underlying issues.

4) Result----We want to give you the result you're looking for! If we don't have enough time to spend talking with you about what you want, you're not going to get the result you're looking for.

Remember-Stylists are your friend. It's our passion to make you feel good about yourself. If you're going to a stylist who doesn't listen to you, or is unable to give you the result you're looking for, it may be time to check out a new salon. Remember-It can take a couple of visits for your stylist to really know your hair and get to know you. Every head of hair is different and every client is different, and that's why taking time out for you is our #1 priority.



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