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Bang Gang?

Where are all of my females who watched an Instagram or YouTube tutorial about cutting your own bangs after 3 glasses of wine and decided bangs were just what you needed, and proceeded to take matters into your own hands?

We've all been there. Including myself. Just remember, bangs can make or break an entire haircut! It's best to consult your stylist, as well as your most honest sibling or friend before you commit to some bangs.

Thoughts About Bangs:

1. Are you a wash and wear kind of person? If the answer is yes, remember, bangs require some amount of work. If you truly want to wash your hair and head for the door, then maybe bangs aren't for you.

2. Do you have forehead wrinkles? Many times, bangs are a great way to camouflage wrinkles. Also, wrinkles are awesome. Whether they're 11's, or 1111's. Embrace your face!!

3. Thick or thin? Generally, thick bangs require more work than thin or wispy. I've also found that thick bangs tend to look best on women with dark brown to black hair. I also think that thick bangs really go well with dramatic, bold eye makeup. But, you do you, girl.

4. Choppy bangs? Choppy bangs are great for an edgier look, and work best with some type of product in them, to really give that added texture you're looking for. Chop chop!

5. Side bangs? Longer side bangs are generally a great way to get initiated into the bang gang. They are a soft look to any hairstyle. They're easier to grow out too. Side bangs always change your look!

6. Curtain bangs? I have mixed feelings about them. I think they look great and trendy on celebrities in photos, but I wonder if they will look like a sweating 5th grader in PE trying to wipe her hair out of her face so she doesn't get hit with the dodgeball. I'll update my opinion once I know more......

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