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Are You Looking for A Hairstylist or a Haircut?

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

There's a difference. Anyone can cut hair, but only some can be a hairstylist. Sooooo..........what's the difference?

We understand.......that urge comes, to do something drastic or even slightly different, or "just a trim"-but you want it RIGHT NOW OR IN THE NEXT THREE HOURS. You keep seeing that dramatic angled bob on Instagram and Pinterest with the blunt cut and the beautiful 23 year old girl and the waves and the ombrebalayagelightshadowrootmorehighlightsafewlowlights and YOU NEED IT RIGHT NOW. We understand! I've gone into my bathroom at 9pm after a few glasses of wine and just gave myself bangs, with my husbands clippers, because I watched a movie with a gorgeous, foreign actress who had bangs and I thought I'd look just like her if I had them and I needed bangs RIGHT NOW. I was wrong. I knew better. Yet, I've done it a good 15 times in the last 10 years. Can you forgive me?

Making a spur of the moment decision is fun! It's exciting, it gets the heart pumping and you feel ALIVE!

If you want a haircut in the next three hours, chances are you can call 2 or 3 salons and be in someone's chair in no time. Sometimes, that salon can be us. Sometimes, it can't. Sometimes we're booked out 6 weeks, or only have slots here and there.......BUT.... We love new clients! Call us! We also want to be able to establish a relationship with you. The difference between having a hairstylist and going to different salons trying new people is that most likely, you won't end up with what you want.

So, if you're looking for a stylist, or a haircut- you've come to the right blog! We enjoy building a relationship with you, one haircut and/or color at a time. We can help you get the style you're looking for, suggest something new, or try to persuade you from getting a cut that we know you'll regret down the line. So, if you're looking for a haircut, definitely give us a call or book online, but if you can't get in right away, invest the extra time and wait. Run out and buy some mascara to fill the void.............. I promise, we're worth it.



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