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A Low Blow

"Do I talk during the blow dry? Do I stay quiet? Is it weird to not talk, and have complete silence, or should I shout over the noise of a jet engine?" these are common questions that may or may not cross your mind, before, during or after you go to the salon. Or maybe not at all.

Most stylists prefer that you are silent during the drying part of your appointment. It's mainly because we can't hear you and other people in the salon probably don't want to listen to shouting. It's weird for me, as a stylist, particularly because I'm starting to lose hearing in my left ear and I'm not sure if it's a result of loud concerts I've attended through the years, the sound of the blow dryer pounding my eardrums for 8 hours a day, or from clients yelling at me over the roar of the blow dryer.

I promise, it's far more relaxing to sit, close your eyes, listen to the hum of the dryer and just escape from the world for a while. Try it!



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